大连市知识产权局。大连市知识产权局。大连市知识产权局。大连市知识产权局。大连市知识产权局。大连市知识产权局。Big cherries in Shihe Manchu Town, Jinzhou District, Dalian go on market much earlier this year than ever before because they are grown by peasants in plastic-film-roofed green houses. The cherry-growers have certainly made a lot more money from it. Li Yongfu, 53-year-old cherry-growing peasant, said proudly, "my cherries have gone on market for days. The price is unbelievably high. Now it's RMB 260 yuan a kilo and supply still falls short of demand. The profit from it is tremendous ." (Dalian Daily p.B1.April 4,2002. )