大连市科学技术局。大连市科学技术局。大连市科学技术局。大连市科学技术局。大连市科学技术局。On the Chinese People's Institute of Foreign Affairsinvitation, yesterday, the Japanese national policy research boarddelegation visited to Dalian, in the evening, the mayor of Dalian meeted member of the delegation in Shangrilabig hotel. The Japanese nationalpolicy research board is an influential organization,obtains the Japanese government and many big enterprises' support, many of themember are for the political circle, the financial circles andthe academic circles celebrity, the delegation inspected thepartial Japanese capital enterprise, finds out my city economydevelopment situation. The mayor introduced foreign countries opening situation of my city to the visitor, he said, in the present, more than 2,800 Japanese enterprise invests in Dalian, with the aid of the Dalian good harbor condition and the industry foundation, the Japanese capitals enterpriseobtained the considerable development, simultaneously, more than 4,000Japanese work and study in Dalian. Japan and Dalian will regard as theimportant economics and trade partner, through delegation'svisit, hoped that we further increase each other the understanding, promote thebilateral economics and trade cooperation. The guest said , Dalian occupiesthe important position in China-Japan ralation, the delegation was exploring the newcooperation way through the inspection, will promote to cooperation.for both sides inall domains